Motorsports Betting Odds Motorsport betting involves fast cars racing around a track to come out tops. Punters generally have an idea of which cars have the fastest engines and are driven by experienced drivers. Wagering on cars is not really complicated, but you have to know what you are doing. Our expert tipsters have the latest 2023 motorsport betting predictions for the entire racing events calendar. We’ve collected motor racing betting tips for Kenyan punters looking to bet on NASCAR, Formula 1 and MotoGP races. Browse through our full list of the best motorsports betting sites and sign up today to receive a generous bonus.

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How Does Motorsport Betting Work?

There are several major international motorsports events that happen throughout the year. This means that there’s always a motor racing competition to bet on. If you want to see your bets reap its rewards, you must know what to consider before betting on motorsports. Here is a list of steps you need to follow when betting on motor sports:

  • Motorsports bookmaker – when signing up to bet on motor racing online, you should choose a site that offer you diverse list of competitions along with a big bonus.
  • Deposit Method – you should only consider sports betting sites that offer banking deposits that are fast, safe and secure. Fund your betting account with enough money to take advantage of the bonus offer.
  • Pick a race – there will be multiple motorsports betting opportunities in a calendar year. Select the competition that has the most competitive betting odds along with the highest chance of winning.
  • Pick an overwhelming favourite: Select the driver that has shown great potential of winning, is in pole position and is in good form.
  • Set the stake: Set a bet depending on how confident you are in the driver and what the potential payout looks like. If the bet is worth it, then confirm the bet and watch the race.

Motorsports Betting Odds

Now that you have an idea of how to bet on motor sports racing online, you can learn more about how to choose the best motor racing odds. You will come across plenty of betting options on race day, but only a few bets will be worth the risk. Here’s a list of betting options that you will find at online sports betting sites:

  • Moneyline Betting: in this bet, you predict the driver to win the race after all the race laps are completed. For example, you put your money on Ferarri’s Sebastian Vettel winning the Formula 1 Grand Prix over all the other racers.
  • Retire – quite popular bet, punter predict which racer will not finish the race for whatever reason. Punters bank on race cars that are trying out new engines or wheels to experience malfunction during the race and retire before finishing.
  • Motor Sport Spread Bets – in this bet, punters are judged based on the accuracy of their bet. That is, you can select a head-to-head contest in which you have to predict the correct position of the two drivers. For example, you pit Lewis Hamilton against his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and correctly predict the position in a particular race.
  • Motor Racing Futures – bettors will be required to guess the winning driver of the entire season after all the racing championships have been tallied. You will have to pick a racer that has a proven record of winning.

Motorsport Sports Betting Sites

Types of Motor Racing Competitions

Motorsports racing bets are typically filled with many domestic and international betting markets online. You can find motorsports betting predictions on several racing competitions over a calendar year. These are some of the most popular motor racing events you can bet on.

Formula 1 Betting

F1 betting is arguably the most popular Motorsports betting online, featuring the fastest cars in the world, racing at some of the planet’s best racetracks. An entire season of formula 1 includes a five-continent wide tour and approximately 20 countries hosting the best drivers of fast cars.

NASCAR Betting Odds

This is the most popular racing competition in North America, where the thrill not only comes with seeing the car cross the finish line, but also with the anticipation of a car crash. There are ten months of full-throttle action that is rounded off by the Cup Championship Playoffs in November.


The best racing competition on two wheels is the MotoGP, pitting the best motorbike riders from across the globe to see who’s the best. Motorsports betting online offers all the action from 19 tracks to cater for racing betting fans.

Dakar Rally Odds

Bet on the Dakar Rally odds in what is a racing-purists’ most enthralling competition by far. This competition tests the endurance of the driver as well as the automobile (car or bike) in the race travelling in dirt patches and the desert.

Motor Sports Betting Tips

As one of the oldest forms of sports racing competitions, betting on motorsport has created some pattern that repeat themselves over time. Nowadays, when you bet on motor sports racing online, you can almost guess who will win the race every time. Although it’s not always guaranteed, we have noted some patterns that will help bettors chose better wagers.

  • Motor sports betting is very predictable, which means that safer betting options such as moneyline bets will not make you money. Pick a bet outside of the two major car manufacturers to make it worth it.
  • Always research the racetrack along with your chosen driver’s performances in the past. Certain drivers struggle on particular racetracks that other racers find easy.
  • If you are going to bet on Mercedes winning a competition, make sure you stake with a considerable amount of money. They are the overwhelming favourites to make it a clean sweep of all the competitions before the racing season even begins.
  • Pay attention to the top ten racers that qualified in pole position. They tend to perform well and less likely to giveaway top positions.