Vodacom Durban JulyThe most popular horse racing event is the Durban July Handicap race. The name of the horse race describes the venue where it will be held along with the month of the year. Fans of the sport enjoy the horse action on the field, watching the jockeys’ race around the shoe with their thoroughbreds. On the same front, there are those that stream the live action for the fashion that is on display.

Join the thousands of Kenya punters in betting on the Durban July odds. The one-day event will take place on the 6th of July at Greyville Racecourse in Durban. If you can’t be there yourself, catch a live stream of the competition online. Bet on the July horse race to win amazing prizes at the best horse racing sites in Kenya.


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Durban July 2023 Predictions

Vodacom Durban July 2023 is set to be an exciting event, taking place on Saturday 1st July at the iconic Greyville Racecourse in Durban. Sparkling Water will be back to defend his title after claiming victory in the previous edition and trainer Khumalo no doubt hopes to see his horse become a two-time champion!

As anticipation builds for the 2023 Vodacom Durban July, two of the favourites to watch out for are Jet Dark, who was last year's runner-up, and safe Passage, who finished in third with jockey Muzi Yeni.

With the Vodacom Durban July 2023 just around the corner, anticipation is high. Looking ahead to next year’s race, many are expecting Do It Again to be a serious contender after narrowly missing out this year with a fourth-place finish. Other potential contenders include Lerena's Kommetdieding, Merwe's Asterix, Fourie's Pomp and Power, as well as Van Niekirk's Linebacker.

Ante Post Betting for Durban July

There are tons of bookmakers that offer racing bets on the July but not all have odds worth looking at. Our list of Kenyan bookmakers features the best betting lines on the horses that will take part in the prestigious race. While the jockeys battle it out for the grand prize of R4.25 million, Kenya punters can equally get a jackpot prize that reaches millions of Rands. The betting pool is connected and progressive. This means that you can win loads of cash prizes by picking the correct winner.

Durban July 2023 Horses

Justin Snaith was the victor of the 2018 edition of the July horse race, riding on top of the shoulders of runner Do It Again. It makes sense that he is among those in pole position to repeat his exploits this year as well. The July Handicap race is the most anticipated race, with many horses going through a rigorous qualification process before they can enter the competition. The Durban July qualification races have also shaped the way most of the sportsbook set the odds for the race on the first Saturday of July 2023. In total, there are 10 races to qualify for the Durban July Handicap.

Ante Post Betting for Durban July

Betting Tips for the July 2023

Experienced bettors may be aware of the Durban July Handicap's success rate for three-year-old runners. Since 1998, 60% of races have been won by three-year-old horses, with four-year-olds also having a good success rate. However, in an open race, favorites do not tend to fare well, with only three favorites winning in the last 14 years.

It is worth noting that the prize money for the Durban July is currently R5 million, which is an increase from R4.25 million in 2021. This increase could motivate underdogs to perform better than expected.

  • Non-Runner: with eight races and plenty of horses competing, it's important that punters keep an eye out for any potential non-runners before placing their bet. This is because sometimes horses withdraw from the race just before it begins and this can have an effect on the odds of other competitors and should be taken into consideration accordingly.
  • Condition of the Track: July usually brings a lot of rain to the area, which can affect the track and have an effect on the performance of both jockeys and horses. Some are sure-footed in bad weather while others may struggle.
  • Jockey: as most punters are aware, some jockeys have more experience and success compared to others, which can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a horse for a bet. Additionally, when a jockey has ridden and achieved success with one specific horse before in a race or multiple races, there is more confidence from punters in betting on that combination.
  • Shape In the Parade Ring: it's essential for punters to inspect the condition of each horse in the parade ring. This crucial step helps them evaluate a horse's physical and psychological state, giving an indication of their likelihood to triumph in the prestigious event. Be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of agitation, injury or a bad relationship between jockey and horse - since these factors could all negatively impact racing performance.
  • Horse's Form: examining a horse's current form is one of the most effective ways to assess its chances in the race. The horses that are in better form statistically have a higher chance of winning so make sure to look into their previous performances before placing any wagers!

List of Past Winners of the Durban July Handicap

2022 Sparkling Water
2021 Kommetdieding
2020 Belgarion
2019 Do It Again
2018 Do It Again
2017 Marinaresco
2016 The Conglomerate
2015 Power King
2014 Legislate
2013 Heavy Metal
2012 Pomodoro
2011 Igugu
2010 Bold Silvano
2009 Big City Life
2008 Pocket Power/Dancers Daughter